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Mastering Image Processing Technology

In today's production lines, the use of image processing and analysis cameras is more and more widely used, the requirements for accuracy and processing speed can be met according to the needs of the system. capital system is being focused. Understanding that situation, Thien Tan has been implementing a strategy of providing customers with advanced camera technologies from leading manufacturers such as Cognex, Keyence, Datalogic... solutions for image processing and analysis for production lines from simple to complex.

In the trend of digitizing manufacturing processes, which is being strongly promoted in many developing countries like Vietnam, the conditions for new technologies to be applied effectively and extensively are created. Machines are gradually replacing the role of humans in this phase. Instead of manually checking labels, tags, and printing dates on products, nowadays, with the emergence of smart cameras, products with external defects (such as label, tag, or incorrect printing dates) can be accurately and quickly eliminated with the intervention of image processing technology, something that humans cannot do. Moreover, in assembly lines, camera technology can perform complex tasks such as detecting missing or faulty components during the production process, or even specific applications like continuous reading of 1D and 2D barcodes on the conveyor belt at speeds of up to 3m/s, which seemed impossible with previous technologies.

Camera In-sight D900 is widely used in production lines

Furthermore, due to the intensifying competition in the technology market, contrary to technological advancements, the decreasing cost of smart cameras is a factor that helps customers gradually overcome cost barriers for implementing these technological solutions. The reason for this cost change coincides with the fact that these customers have been able to apply their own technologies, optimize production processes, and reduce product costs as a result. This, in turn, leads to significantly lower selling prices, creating a competitive advantage in the market. At Thien Tan, we always consider bringing customers the most suitable solutions and the best user experience through services and products from smart camera brands we collaborate with, such as Cognex, Datalogic, Keyence.


Below are some smart camera solutions that we provide to our customers

• Visual Inspection of Product Appearance (Labels, tags, date codes, etc.)

• Product Dimension Inspection on the Production Line

• Density and Quantity Inspection

• Barcode Inspection and Scanning

• PCB Component Inspection

• Character Inspection on Products

Through analysis, we can once again re-confirm that smart cameras are a trend in the new era, a technology that will replace humans to monitor product quality 24/7 with an unreasonable investment cost. compared to the value they bring. If you are in need of a smart camera, what makes you not have access to this technology?

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