Energy Monitoring and Management System

Optimizing Performance and Environmental Protection

In the modern era, energy management and monitoring are crucial factors for ensuring sustainable development and protecting the environment. Factories and industries face pressures to optimize energy efficiency, minimize waste, and reduce adverse impacts on the environment. To assist businesses in achieving these goals, we introduce the Energy Management and Monitoring System - an advanced solution for improving performance and environmental protection in the industrial sector.

We provide energy management solutions based on Siemens equipment. The system can connect to many different types of meters: Electricity, Water, Gas, Steam. In addition, the system also integrates many different communication standards suitable for equipment of many manufacturers.

Our Energy Management and Monitoring System is designed to provide a comprehensive approach to managing and monitoring energy within a factory or plant. The system utilizes advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and data analysis to collect, process, and analyze energy information from devices and systems within the business.

Furthermore, the system provides advanced energy management tools to optimize performance. We provide features such as overall energy management, automated scheduling, remote control, and energy-saving analysis. This enables businesses to adjust and coordinate energy consumption to achieve a balance between performance and energy efficiency.

  • The PLC programming tool supports programming languages according to IEC61131-3;
  • PLC supports Ethernet;
  • PLC with real-time clock support;
  • PLC can automatically synchronize the time;
  • Support programming, program download, remote maintenance. Security measures must be in place for remote access. Programming, program downloading, remote maintenance must be done anytime, anywhere, securely, and the factory side only needs a normal internet line (no need for static IP) to connect to the communication port of the company. PLC without any other operation from the network administrator.
  • PLC supports or adds Modbus RS-485 module to collect power from power meters in the factory. It is recommended to use a maximum of 10 clocks per branch.
  • PLC or PLC communication module supports connecting to central software via internet or in case there is no internet connection to the factory, PLC or PLC communication module supports 3G/4G phone sim card to connect. with central software.
  • Data exchange between applications with factory stations must be supported in a bidirectional fashion, meaning that information from the station about applications and control or setting signals can be transmitted from applications. down the station.
  • Data transmission to central software can be done by:
    • Cycle, maximum speed 1 second;
    • According to the real-time clock, for example at 13h21m32s;
    • Event-driven, for example, a certain tag value changes;
    • When the signal changes, for example, the current changes.
  • Depending on the number of watches in the factory, more branches can be added.
  • The same goes for temperature and humidity sensors.

Our Energy Management and Monitoring System has been successfully deployed in numerous businesses within the industrial sector. Our customers have experienced significant benefits from optimizing energy consumption, minimizing waste, and enhancing operational performance. At the same time, they have achieved better environmental compliance and established a positive image within the community.

If you are seeking an effective solution for managing and monitoring energy in your business, please contact us today. We are ready to provide consultation and propose a customized solution that aligns with your specific needs. Let's work together towards a sustainable future and a better living environment.

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