Harmonic Reduction Solution

Minimize harmonics – improve system performance – reduce energy loss on the grid – save on production costs

What are harmonics?: Harmonic is a type of noise that occurs in electrical systems. More harmonics will cause harm to the electrical system, loss of power, and damage to electrical equipment. Harmonics are periodic, sine waves and are integer multiples of the fundamental frequency (50 or 60 Hz). These components when added to the basic sine wave (50Hz) will cause distortion, distortion of the sine wave.

The cause of wave interference is as follows:Harmonic waves are generated by nonlinear loads such as computers, uninterruptible power supplies, inverters, and fluorescent lamps.

The harmful effects of harmonic waves are as follows

  • Harmonic waves can create apparent power, which increases the overall power consumption, energy losses, and incurs additional electricity costs 
  • Harmonic waves have the potential to increase temperature, leading to overheating, wire and equipment damage, and posing serious risks to the power grid system. 
  • Harmonic waves can cause damage to power factor correction capacitors. 
  • Harmonic waves can introduce disturbances into the electrical system and control systems. Sometimes, harmonic waves can render control systems inoperable and cause continuous interruptions.

Harmonic wave measurement devices:

Currently, when you want to measure harmonic waves, you can use specialized electrical measurement devices such as power quality analyzers. These instruments are well-suited for modern technology and equipped with various features for power measurement and frequency analysis, ensuring quick detection of harmonic waves. 

Máy đo chất lượng điện Hioki PQ3100

The Hioki PQ3100 power quality analyzer is capable of continuous monitoring of power quality for weeks or months. It can directly connect to a computer for data storage and generating measurement reports. 

Solutions to mitigate harmonic waves:

Using specialized variable frequency drives (VFDs)

  • Using 12-pulse or 18-pulse variable frequency drives (VFDs) instead of conventional 6-pulse VFDs is another approach to mitigate harmonic waves. 
  • Using a variable frequency drive (VFD) with an integrated Harmonic Filter is an effective solution for reducing harmonic waves.

  • Using reactor coils to reduce harmonic waves is considered a popular method nowadays. The utilization of reactor coils not only improves power quality but also limits harmonic distortion by filtering out heavily distorted sources. Additionally, this method helps prevent grid voltage distortion from affecting the equipment.

Using reactor coils from the Circutor brand


  • Using harmonic filters is an effective method to mitigate harmonic waves in an electrical system.

Using dedicated harmonic filters for variable frequency drives (VFDs) from the Circutor brand

 The AFQ multifunction parallel filter from Circutor (Spain) is a comprehensive solution for addressing power quality issues in industrial or commercial facilities. It not only mitigates harmonic waves but also addresses issues such as current unbalance and reactive power consumption (primarily power factor):

harmonic filters for variable frequency drives (VFDs) from the Circutor brand

  • Reducing harmonic currents up to the 50th order (2500 Hz) is achievable with proper filtering techniques. Users can select the specific harmonic frequencies to be filtered for optimal effectiveness.
  • Adjusting the level of current unbalance in an electrical system, you can take the following measures
  • Capacitive Power and Inductive Power Factor Correction
  • These filters provide priority functions that can be configured to optimize the filtering capabilities based on the installation requirements. In cases where higher filtration is needed, up to 8 filters can be connected in parallel (parallel-connected filters must have the same power rating).

The document Harmonic filters for variable frequency drives (VFDs) from the Circutor brand: Download Here

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