Thien Tan Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd, an integrator of electrical systems and automation – was established based on the experience and enthusiasm of the Board of Directors in the field of Electrical Engineering. The company received a business license and started operating since April 15, 2011.

Become a company providing professional services and optimal solutions.
To be our customers' most trusted and chosen partner through our ability to offer a full range of products and services on a customer-centric basis.
Create the best working environment for employees with many opportunities to develop their capacity, contribute value and create successful careers.

Creative – Creative
Always dynamic and creative to adapt to market changes; differentiate and diversify products and services to optimally meet the needs of customers.
Advanced - Advanced
Innovative in thinking and flexible in action, continuously improving the management system and leading in technology to create added value for customers and partners.
Passionate – Enthusiasm, passion
Conquer all challenges with the fire of enthusiasm and passion. That is also the dedication and sense of responsibility in realizing the common goals of the Company.
Energetic – Full of energy
Creating a dynamic working environment with strong human resources; rich products and services; abundant financial capacity; give customers an energetic spirit.
Leading - Leading
Become a leading company in Vietnam in the field of electrical system integration and automation