Thien Tan Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd, an integrator of electrical systems and automation – was established based on the experience and enthusiasm of the Board of Directors in the field of Electrical Engineering. The company received a business license and started operating since April 15, 2011.


We strive to become one of the leading companies in researching, developing, and providing solutions in the field of automation to our customers. We continuously conduct research, learn, and improve in order to deliver modern, efficient, and tailored automation solutions that meet their needs.

We believe that through providing advanced automation solutions, we can assist businesses in enhancing productivity, optimizing processes, saving time and costs, and ultimately improving the quality of their products and services.


To be our customers' most trusted and chosen partner through our ability to offer a full range of products and services on a customer-centric basis.

We aim to be the bridge between modern technology and businesses, providing breakthrough automation solutions that help enterprises overcome challenges and seize every opportunity in the 21st century.

Developing and delivering optimized automation solutions: Our main mission is to research, develop, and provide optimized automation solutions that help businesses enhance efficiency, increase processing speed, and minimize costs.

Accompanying businesses: We are committed to being a reliable partner, accompanying businesses throughout their digital transformation and automation journey.

Training and Development of Human Resources: We believe in the power of people and education. In order to fulfill our mission, we continuously invest in training and developing our human resources, building a team of talented, creative, and professional experts.

Contributing to the development of the community: In addition to our focus on business, we also value our responsibility to the community by creating career opportunities and contributing to economic and social development.


Thiên Tân was founded by skilled and experienced engineers specializing in the field of automation. Not only confident in providing consultancy services, Thiên Tân is also proud to have executed, installed, constructed, and designed industrial park systems, factories, and workshops. We are committed to ensuring effectiveness, guaranteeing stable operation of machinery and equipment, aligning them with their functions and tasks, and optimizing production operation costs.

Embracing innovation in mindset and agility in action, continuously improving management systems and leading in technology to create added value for customers and partners.

Enthusiasm, passion
Conquering every challenge with the fervor of passion and enthusiasm. It is also the embodiment of dedication and a sense of responsibility in realizing the company's common goals. The Thiên Tân team is youthful, enthusiastic, dynamic, and adaptable in their work and customer support.

Leading - Leading
Become a leading company in Vietnam in the field of electrical system integration and automation


Thiên Tân takes pride in being a trusted partner to numerous manufacturing plants in sectors such as cement, food processing, paper, and more. Here are some notable customers we have collaborated with:

➢ Cement manufacturing plants: We have provided optimal automation solutions for cement manufacturing plants, helping them improve production efficiency, ensure product quality, and reduce costs.

➢ Paper mill: With our unique integrated automation solutions, we have helped paper mills enhance productivity, reduce waste, and optimize production processes.

➢ Beverage manufacturing plant: We have collaborated with PepsiCo's manufacturing plant in providing and installing state-of-the-art automation systems, helping them enhance performance and productivity while ensuring compliance with international standards for safety and quality.



We take pride in being a strategic partner of a wide range of leading brands in the field of providing automation solutions and system integration.

➢Technology: We closely collaborate with leading technology providers such as Siemens, Rockwell, Schneider Electric, APM Solutions, to deliver the most advanced technological solutions to our customers, ensuring operational efficiency and absolute security for your systems.

➢ Education and Training: Thien Tan ETC also collaborates with reputable universities and research institutes to enhance the quality of education and develop human resources, building a team of highly specialized experts to ensure the ability to meet the most stringent requirements from customers.

➢ Industry: We are also a trusted partner of many leading companies in industries such as manufacturing, energy, etc. Throughout our collaboration, we have helped them optimize processes, improve efficiency, and ensure sustainability.


➢ Programming Automation Systems: To optimize performance and enhance competitiveness, our company provides high-quality programming services for automation systems. With a team of professional programmers, we will help your business move forward with optimal automation solutions.

➢ Diagnosing errors and troubleshooting: Whenever you need it, we are ready to provide support. Our error diagnosis and troubleshooting service not only helps you resolve issues quickly but also ensures that your system operates smoothly and efficiently.

➢ Implementing and installating: From design to construction, our company is committed to providing comprehensive services, helping you save time, effort, and costs. We guarantee to deliver projects on schedule and ensure high-quality construction.

➢ Testing and analyzing the quality of electrical power grid: With state-of-the-art equipment and a team of skilled engineers, we provide testing and analysis services for the quality of electrical power grid, helping your business ensure energy standards and operational efficiency.

➢ Designing and installation of industrial electrical systems: With years of experience, we take pride in providing high-quality services for designing and installing industrial electrical systems.

➢ Service of supplying technical manpower: We have an extensive network of thousands of skilled technical experts and engineers, carefully selected and extensively trained in the fields of automation and industrial electrical systems. Our workforce is quick to learn, innovative, dedicated, and ready to meet any stringent requirements from our clients.

Thien Tan specializes in providing solutions and integrating automation systems, bringing not only convenience and increased efficiency to your operational systems but also helping you progress further and thrive powerfully in the digital age.

  1. Service quality: With years of experience in the field, we always ensure the highest quality of service. Our team of professional engineers, who are well-trained, will support you from consulting and design to installation and system maintenance.

  2. Optimized solution: We not only provide solutions, but also thoroughly understand your business needs and operations in order to offer the most optimal and suitable solution that aligns with your requirements and budget.

  3. Trusted partner: Close collaboration with world-leading brands enables us to provide you with the most advanced automation solutions, ensuring maximum efficiency and security for your system.

  4. Attentive after-sales service: We are committed to supporting our customers not only during the purchasing phase but also afterwards, with prompt and timely maintenance and repair services.

Contact us today to experience the benefits of our high-quality services and enhance the operational efficiency of your automated electrical system.


🏠 Headquarters: 1685/37 Le Van Luong, Hamlet 3, Nhon Duc Commune, Nha Be District, Ho Chi Minh City

🏠 Representative office address: DP12, Dragon Parc Villa, Phu Long Residential Area, Nguyen Huu Tho Street, Phuoc Kien Commune, Nha Be District, HCMC

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