Measurement, testing, and analysis of power quality

Mastering System Quality - Enhancing System Performance

In today's industrial environment, electrical energy is a crucial prerequisite for the operations of businesses. Through surveys conducted at numerous enterprises, we have observed that the power supply provided to many industrial plants does not ensure quality, resulting in electrical equipment within the production line failing to meet technical standards. This leads to energy consumption and directly impacts the quality and productivity of the system.

Figure 1. Capacitor Explosion due to High Harmonic Distortion

Furthermore, the arrangement of power electronic devices to control the operations of equipment within the electrical system generates harmonics that affect neighboring devices, causing energy losses and system lifespan reduction. Therefore, to control the input quality and assess the stability of the entire plant's power network, Thiên Tân proposes measurement and analysis services for power quality.

Figure 2. Installation of Power Quality Monitoring and Analysis Equipment

The possible values that can be measured by the equipment include:

Figure 3. Harmonic Wave Measurement Results

  • Measure current, voltage, power, power factor continuously for a certain period of time, automatically save data and analyze data.
  • Check harmonic components on branches and the entire power network, detect devices that generate harmonics and provide solutions.
  • Measure, detect phase imbalance and provide solutions.
  • Measure, evaluate and calculate power loss on the power grid of the plant at the time of survey.
  • Analyze the power consumption of each group of loads and the whole plant.
  • Data logging - record RMS values quickly to see every waveform helping you verify the interaction between voltage, current and frequency values.

Benefits of installing a power quality monitoring system:

  • Assess the quality of power supplied from the grid to the customer plant. From there determine the influence of the power supply on the operation of equipment used in the plant.
  • Evaluation of the influence of the power load on the quality of the power system in the plant as well as on the national power grid.
  • Identify causes affecting production processes, equipment and incidents through recorded data.
  • Implement appropriate solutions to promptly overcome and improve power quality, not only increasing the service life and operating reliability of equipment and production lines, but also bringing tangible benefits to the economy. economy after implementing solutions to improve power quality.
  • Easily manage each line in the factory at the server room, Troubleshooting, problems are easily handled in a timely manner.

Besides, Tianjin also provides short-term power quality monitoring service to assess, identify risks and causes of sudden device shutdown with HIOKI's PQ3100. A line of instruments dedicated to power quality monitoring with current, voltage, low-to-high harmonics and event logging features that make it easy for users to identify the cause of problems. use.

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