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PLC is a programmable control device, so it is widely used in industry, with many years of experience in programming plc Tianjin provides plc programming services for electrical automation projects. .

  • Tianjin's engineer team with many years of experience in the electrical automation industry will have full skills to advise in the selection of equipment, plc programming service solutions as required for customers.
  • Follow the committed time to satisfy the project progress for the customer when using the on-demand programming service. For some projects using specific equipment, the lead time depends on the delivery time because some specific products are often not in stock.
  • Product warranty, technical support, maintenance for products after acceptance. Depending on the agreement, the program code can be transferred or not.
  • The price of plc programming service on request is suitable to the market on the basis of mutually beneficial cooperation. The price of the project will depend on the number of in/out modules used.
  • Program many types of plc such as Siemens, Rockwell Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Delta, Omron, Panasonic, Keyence depending on the requirements of customers.

Process of receiving plc programming on demand 

  • Receipt of service post plc programming on demand automation from customers via phone, zalo, email including running process, peripheral devices, is there any communication or monitoring? Survey your old plc system.
  • Unloading volume as required, making detailed quotation of equipment and labor. The quotation will be very detailed including the price of each equipment as well as the labor to perform.
  • If the customer closes the plc programming service on demand with the quote plan, negotiate on the time of acceptance and payment method.
  • Installation, handover and acceptance electrical cabinets plc, technical support for operation and maintenance.

Quotation for receiving plc programming service on request

In some cases, you need a quick quote for plc programming services on request to estimate investment costs, please follow the following process:

  • Prepare complete information about the electrical cabinet or project to do including the number of inputs including buttons, sensors, switches, touch screens, the number of outputs to control valves, relays, magnetic starters, Inverters, servos connected to other plc or control devices, please describe in detail and fully.
  • Based on your description, we can give you a quick quote immediately including the cost of plc, electrical cabinets and labor to program the package for you.

Note: The quick quote price of the on-demand plc programming service will follow your description, so you need to prepare a full description to make sure our quote is accurate. If the implementation process has arisen equipment or requirements outside the description, we will charge additional costs depending on whether the additional requirements are more or less.

Why should you choose a reputable automation project construction unit?

  • Every automation project Usually, the investment is relatively large, so the selection of reputable and experienced units is very important, this is a prerequisite for your project to be able to meet the schedule and activities. operate exactly as originally designed.
  • If you choose a number of units that follow price competition, the construction unit may use poor quality equipment or when problems arise later, they will not be supported later.
  • A reputable unit when implementing an automation PLC programming project will provide full details and origin of the equipment used in the electrical cabinet, together with the transfer of the control program, directions. transportation, inspection, maintenance and repair throughout the operation of the project.
  • Choosing a reputable plc automation programmer also helps you to be consulted with more solutions related to the project to avoid making some basic mistakes when building the initial idea of the project. .

The motto of the on-demand plc programming service

The core working criterion of the on-demand plc programming service of Tianjin is to generate revenue from satisfying the expectations of our customers. Therefore, in the process of working, we are always dedicated to follow your requirements to find the most optimal solution in programming plc for electrical cabinets or automation projects.

Our products are made by a team of engineers with solid basic knowledge plus extensive field experience, so it will be optimal for each specific case of the machines and lines that you are using. want to program plc for automation project.

In addition, the on-demand plc programming service will advise on many new useful solutions or products so that customers can always update the latest technology for their machines, lines and factories. contribute to improve productivity or reduce labor and energy in the production process.

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