Automatic System Programming

Overating Business Performance with Automatic System Programming Service

In the current era of digitalization, leveraging technology to improve work efficiency and reduce manual burden on employees is becoming increasingly important. With our automatic system programming service, your business will achieve significant breakthroughs in performance and workflow optimization.

We specialize in providing custom automation solutions that help your business save time, resources, and costs. Our services include analyzing the needs of the business, system design, programming, testing, and deployment of automation systems.

♦ Thien Tan's team of engineers, with years of experience in the field of automation, possesses the necessary skills to advise on equipment selection and provide PLC programming services tailored to your requirements.

♦ We commit to meeting project deadlines to satisfy our customers' schedule requirements when using our custom programming service. For projects involving specialized equipment, the timeline may depend on the ordering time as some specialized items may not be readily available.

♦ We offer product warranties, technical support, and maintenance after the acceptance of the project. Depending on the agreement, we can provide the program code or retain it.

♦ Our pricing for PLC programming services is competitive and mutually beneficial based on cooperation between both parties. 

♦ We are proficient in programming various PLC types such as Siemens, Rockwell Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Delta, Omron, Panasonic, Keyence, depending on the specific requirements of our customers.

Process for custom PLC programming service: 

Step 1: Receive the request for custom PLC programming service for automation from the customer via phone, Zalo, or email. The request should include the process flow, peripheral devices, and any communication or monitoring requirements. Conduct a survey of the customer's existing PLC system.

Step 2: Extract the required scope of work and provide a detailed quotation for the equipment and labor. The quotation will include itemized pricing for each device as well as the labor costs.

Step 3: If the customer approves the quotation for the custom PLC programming service, proceed to negotiate the acceptance and discuss the acceptance timeframe and payment terms.

Step 4: Proceed with installation, handover, and acceptance of the PLC electrical cabinet. Provide technical support for operation and maintenance.

Quotation for Custom PLC Programming Service:

In certain cases, if you require a quick quotation for custom PLC programming service to estimate the investment cost, please follow the procedure below:

Prepare complete information about the electrical cabinet or project that needs to be done, including the quantity of input terminals such as buttons, sensors, switches, touch screens, the quantity of output terminals for controlling valves, relays, motor starters, variable frequency drives, servos connected to other PLCs, or controlling other devices. Please provide a detailed and comprehensive description.

Based on your description, we will be able to provide an immediate quotation that includes the cost of the PLC, electrical cabinet, and the all-inclusive labor cost for programming.

Please note that the quick quotation for custom PLC programming service will closely align with your description. Therefore, it is essential for you to prepare a thorough and detailed description to ensure the accuracy of our quotation. If there are any additional devices or requirements that arise during the implementation process beyond the initial description, we will calculate additional costs based on the specific additional requirements, whether they are minimal or substantial.

Why should you choose a reputable automation project construction unit?

♦ Each automation project typically involves a relatively large investment; therefore, selecting reputable and experienced units is crucial. This is a fundamental prerequisite that enables your project to meet deadlines and operate according to the original design.

♦ If you choose some units based solely on price competition, there is a possibility that the executing unit may use low-quality equipment or provide insufficient support in case of future issues or complications.

♦ A reputable unit, when undertaking an automated PLC programming project, will provide comprehensive details and origins of the equipment used in the electrical cabinet. They will also include the transfer of control program, operational guidance, and maintenance and repair instructions throughout the project's operation.

♦ Choosing a reputable automation PLC programming unit also allows you to receive more solutions-related advice regarding your project, helping you avoid common pitfalls and errors when developing the initial concept of the project.

The motto of our custom PLC programming service:

The core working principle of Thiên Tân's custom PLC programming service is to generate revenue by satisfying the expectations of our valued customers. Therefore, throughout the working process, we are dedicated to closely following the requirements of our customers in order to identify the most optimal solution for PLC programming in electrical cabinets or automation projects.

Our products are all executed by a team of skilled engineers with a solid foundation of knowledge and extensive on-field experience. As a result, they are highly optimized for each specific case of machinery or production line for which you intend to program PLCs in your automation project.

Furthermore, our custom PLC programming service provides additional consultancy on innovative solutions and useful new products. This enables our customers to continuously update their machinery, production lines, and factories with the latest technologies, contributing to enhanced productivity and potential reductions in labor and energy consumption during the production process.

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