Turnkey project

A comprehensive solution with turnkey project implementation services in the field of automation.

Thien Tan is a system integrator, specializing in providing a full package of Power - Measurement - Control projects from the design, purchase, production, construction, installation, testing, commissioning and handover stages to the customers. client.

We take pride in introducing our comprehensive turnkey project implementation services in the field of automation - a reliable and efficient solution for customers to deploy and succeed in their automation projects. With the integration of specialized knowledge, diverse experience, and innovative vision, we are committed to providing customers with a unique experience and addressing every challenge throughout the project execution.

With our turnkey project implementation services, we guarantee convenience and effectiveness for our customers. We will accompany customers from the planning, design, deployment, to testing and operation phases of the automation system. We provide a diverse range of services, including:

  1. Project planning and consultancy: We will work with the customer to understand the project requirements and propose a detailed and optimized plan. We provide consultancy on suitable technologies and solutions to achieve the project goals.

  2. System design: With expertise and experience in the field of automation, we will design an optimized automation system for the project. We ensure the feasibility and effectiveness of the design while optimizing the interaction between components and production processes.

  3. Equipment supply and integration: We will provide the necessary electronic devices, sensors, control systems, and software to build the automation system. We ensure compatibility and seamless integration of the components within the system.

  4. Deployment and installation: Our technical team will carry out the deployment and installation of the automation system in the customer's facility. We commit to ensuring quality and adherence to safety procedures throughout the implementation process.

  5. Testing and training: We will perform testing and ensure that the automation system operates accurately and efficiently. Additionally, we provide training for the customer's staff to ensure effective usage and operation of the system.

Thien Tan has implemented various systems for customers nationwide, including: 

  • Medium voltage systems and transformers.
  • Low voltage cabinet system.
  • DCS/PLC system.
  • Measurement System.
  • System of ladders, cable trays.
  • Power and control cabling.
  • Hệ thống điện nhỏ.
  • Other auxiliary systems

Our turnkey project implementation services not only ensure the success of automation projects but also bring time and resource savings to our customers. We are committed to providing reliable solutions that fully meet our customers' requirements.

Contact us today to start discussing your automation project and discover how we can support you in achieving success and enhancing your productivity.

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