SITRANS Measuring Instrument

SIWAREX WL260 single-point load cell

Single-point load cells, such as the SIWAREX WL260, are specifically designed for use in platform scales.

TS500 Temperature Sensor

SITRANS TS500 is a widely used temperature sensor suitable for various industrial applications, including measurement and monitoring of product ..


TS300 Temperature Sensor

SITRANS TS300 is specifically designed for use in sanitary applications. Some of the benefits include:


TS100/TS200 Temperature Sensor

The structure of the SITRANS TS100 temperature sensor is based on a Mineral Insulated Cable (MIC)...

LH100/300 Static Pressure Sensor

Siemens' Sitrans LH100/300 pressure sensor is a device used for measuring static hydraulic pressure.

P500 Pressure Transmitter

The Sitrans P500 is designed for measuring pressure in gas, oil, or water pipeline systems, and it has the capability to measure with high accuracy, with an error of

P320/420 Pressure Transmitter

The P320/P420 pressure sensor is a device used for measuring pressure in liquids or gases.

P300 Pressure Transmitter

The Siemens P300 pressure sensor is a specialized pressure sensor designed for use in the industry

Siemens P Compact Pressure Sensor

The Siemens P Compact pressure measuring device is a reliable product known for its robust construction and accurate measurements

P200/210/220 Pressure Sensor

The Siemens P200/210/220 pressure transmitters are reliable product lines known for their high accuracy and durability

Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter

The Siemens ultrasonic flow meter has the following advantages: High Accuracy...

FX330 FlowMeter Based on the Vortex Principle

The Vortex flow meter from Siemens is a sensor used to measure the flow rate of liquids, gases, or vapor