Motor health monitoring with SIMOTICS CONNECT 400

SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 - A new step in industrial performance management and maintenance.

Want a quick, comprehensive overview of the health and operating status of your low-voltage electric motors for your applications such as pumps, fans or compressors?

Nowadays, monitoring and checking the health of engines is not only a necessity but has also become a crucial factor in improving the efficiency and reliability of machinery systems. With this trend in mind, Thien Tan is pleased to introduce SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 - a modern engine health monitoring solution that helps optimize engine operations and maintenance.

SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 is an intelligent monitoring system for electric motors, designed to collect, analyze, and provide detailed information about the operational status of the motor. It is part of an IoT solution for manufacturing facilities, enabling remote monitoring and control of motor performance over the internet.

With the SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 connectivity module and the MindSphere SIDRIVE IQ Fleet analytics application, you can easily develop a monitoring solution based on cloud storage and analysis. This solution gives users the ability to comprehensively monitor the status and status of low-voltage electric motors anywhere and at any time.

The connectivity model of SIMOTICS CONNECT 400

SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 Siemens device with flexible adaptability to the majority of three-phase asynchronous motors of any manufacturer. Improve adaptability to customers' existing systems and reduce installation costs. More than half of the installation of the device is also very simple, just 1 SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 and 1 Wifi transmitter, you can monitor the engine's parameters such as power, current, voltage, temperature. , vibration, .. through Siemens' SIDRIVE IQ Fleet platform developed.

SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 offers several prominent advantages

SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 brings numerous benefits to its users:

Detailed and real-time data: The system automatically collects and provides data, allowing users to have an overview of the engine's operational status without the need for direct manual inspection.

Easy management and monitoring: The software management is intuitive and user-friendly, enabling users to easily manage and monitor the health of the engine. With a visually appealing and user-friendly interface, users can navigate through the software effortlessly. The intuitive design and functionality of the software facilitate quick and easy access to vital information about the engine's health. This allows users to effectively track the engine's performance and promptly address any potential issues.

Time and cost savings: Thanks to the utilization of SIMOTICS CONNECT 400, engine maintenance and repairs become easier, resulting in time and cost savings

Increased efficiency and lifespan of the engine: By continuously monitoring the health of the engine, you can early identify potential issues that could harm the engine. This enables you to promptly address them and implement appropriate solutions, thereby increasing the efficiency of operation and the lifespan of the engine.

Simple interface design, fully showing information to be monitored of the motor (Power, current, voltage, temperature, vibration, ..) and integrated warning feature via E-mail for users when the engine has a problem or it is time for maintenance and maintenance.

The criteria are displayed in the form of graphs and have the ability to store so that users can analyze and proactively plan to use the equipment effectively to improve the performance and life of the engine.

With SIMOTICS CONNECT 400, technology has brought us a step closer to managing and maintaining engine performance in the industry. The ability for remote monitoring, intelligent data analysis, and cloud integration brings flexibility and effectiveness in managing, maintaining, and improving engine performance. With SIMOTICS CONNECT 400, users can ensure continuous operation, minimize unnecessary downtime, and enhance the overall performance of the engine system.

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