Measure 3D surface simulation levels with 3D Scanner

Today, measuring the level of tanks and tanks in industry is really easy when we have a lot of level measuring devices according to many different principles such as: radar, ultrasonic, hydrostatic,... However, level measurement with The above single-point devices are only true for liquid materials. For silos and tanks containing solid materials and high bulk, the use of the single point measurement method as above does not accurately reflect the level of material in the silo, tank, nor does it accurately reflect the volume. is left in there.

Figure 1: Level measurement with 3D Scanner APM gives more accurate results than methods on the market today.

With multi-point measurement function, APM 3D Scanner provides a solution to customers by collecting data from 60 different points with just one measuring device. This is equivalent to the customer having to install 60 single-point measuring devices at present.

Figure 2: APM . Level 3D Scanner

Designed in the form of a "Plug and Play" module, a fairly simple 3D level measuring system with main components such as: 3D Scanners, controller with built-in software. Users will easily track real-time parameters such as:

  • Volume (%, m³, ft³, liters, gallons, bushels)
  • Maximum / minimum levels / distances of products
  • Weight (metric tons, short US tons, pounds)
  • Look up measured history
  • History of 3D images
  • Silo, Tank Name/ID and inside materials

Figure 3: Basic connection diagram of a level 3D . measuring system

Some advantages of 3D Level Scanner APM system:

  • High reliability.
  • Accuracy for all materials, tanks, tanks.
  • Can be used for silos, tanks from small to silos, tanks with very large diameter (>30m).
  • Easily observe, monitor remotely via Wifi, LAN, ...
  • Monitor parameters in real time.
  • Absolutely low cost compared to using conventional measuring methods.
  • Simple connection, easy maintenance and repair.

Figure 4: All parameters are displayed in real time in 3D

From the advantages, it can be seen that the 3D Scanner level measurement solution from APM is a comprehensive measuring solution, helping to simulate the surface of the material, calculate the remaining volume in the silo, tank to help users control the parameters. parameters for production. Save product management costs, increase the reliability of the management and production systems of factories and enterprises.

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