BARTEC – Our Partner for Powerful Solutions in Hazadous Area

Actuation upgrade improves power station combustion efficiency
July 17, 2017
Condition Monitoring
July 17, 2017
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BARTEC – Our Partner for Powerful Solutions in Hazadous Area

BARTEC offers a comprehensive, future-proof product portfolio for the monitoring and optimization of production
processes in the oil and gas industry. With knowledge and decades of experience, Bartec continue to set new
standards in automation technology in hazardous areas, in accordance with international standards and regulations.

The number of measurement points in processing plants is constantly rising. This flood of analogue field signals and digital inputs and outputs must be handled safely and efficiently also in hazardous areas. BARTEC offers cutting-edge bus technology and over 20 years of experience with standard bus systems in Ex areas. 

MODEX bus modules have been used successfully for many years and permit the flexible and comprehensive transition of standard bus systems from safe areas to hazardous areas. This means flexibility, functionality and a high level of safety. Particularly with intrinsically safe low-power measuring circuits or for the supply of highpower field signals.
The ANTARES remote I/O system sustainably reduces the complexity of automation processes. Intuitive programming, maximum planning freedom, simple implementation and permanent availability form the basis for
innovative process automation in Ex areas.


Human Machine Interface series is the intelligent response to increasingly complex processes and the higher demands made on machines and plant. The device range covers operating units and visualisation software for machine-near operation and observation through to the all-rounder, the open system for a broad range of requirements in process visualization. 

  • Panel PC, remote system, closed HMI system
  • Display sizes 5.7″ to 24″
  • Zero Client (remote solution with safety concept) 
  • Software BMS-Graf-pro 7 (efficient visualisation software)


Mobile computer have been used for many years in Ex areas for the optimization of work processes. The devices are intuitive and user- friendly based on the familiar environment of Windows®Mobile and real time data exchange via WLAN. The extremely rugged and high performance mobile computer have IECEx, ATEX and UL certificates.
 Barcode and RFID scanning


Impact X is the world’s lightest and toughest smartphone on the market. Mobile X is a simple, lightweight and extremely tough industrial mobile phone with optional loneworker protection function. Gravity X offers the best camera technology in hazardous areas coupled with convincing video recording quality.
Orbit X is the world’s smallest and most flexible camera for use in Ex areas. An integrated laser pointer permits communication in video streaming. The optional ollaboration X Suite facilitates data management.


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